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HR terms you need to know in 2023

An A – Z of HR Jargon

By ebook, Human Resources, Language

HR terms and phrases you need to know in 2023 An accessible and inclusive guide of all things HR straight from the experts. In today’s ever-changing business landscape, the importance of Human Resources (HR) professionals cannot be overstated. After all, they are responsible for shaping organisational culture, attracting and retaining top talent, and driving employee engagement and productivity. But, it doesn’t stop there. HR covers an endless number of people-related functions, from protecting employees’ data and managing compensation and benefits to prioritising inclusion & diversity and eliminating unconscious bias. Therefore, in this A – Z guide, we will explore and…

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Enhance Absence Management Blog

Enhance Your Absence Management with the Power of HR Software

By Absence Management, HR Software

At the heart of every HR professional’s approach to absence management is a desire to tackle employee absenteeism before it develops into a more serious issue. Every business will have its own absence policies and procedures, but in order for these to work to the best of their ability, these need to be effectively communicated to employees and managers alike, with HR and management proactively and appropriately applying them. Absenteeism could suggest a lack of engagement from employees, or they could feel overworked. It might be an issue within a certain department or line manager, or a chronic illness that…

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5 key benefits of an integrated HR system

By Analytics, HR Software

Typically, when you’re evaluating HR software, you have to choose between a ‘best-of-breed’ strategy with point solutions for different HR capabilities – recruitment, payroll, learning and development etc. – or an integrated system that caters for everything through one comprehensive package. The rationale for best-of-breed is that the specialised functionality and more advanced features of these solutions provide advantages that an integrated system can’t meet. An example of this is a specialised recruitment tool that provides the entire range of features you might ever need, such as multiposting, applicant tracking, candidate management and so on. Yet on the flip side,…

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Are higher salaries the saving grace for recruitment & retention issues?

Are higher salaries the saving grace for recruitment & retention issues?

By Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Employee Relations, Employee Retention, Natural HR, Recruitment

Could higher paying jobs tackle recruitment & retention issues? Another year, another set of challenges in the workplace. Talent shortages, the cost of living crisis and increased demands from staff have given way to a highly volatile job market, which is now run by employees. This is being felt by HR professionals up and down the country as they try to recruit and retain talent as best they can in the current economic climate. But with more jobs than candidates and inflation running riot, the question is, is cash still king? Our HR in 2023 and beyond report revealed that…

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How can we drive more efficient HR in 2023

How can we drive more efficient HR in 2023?

By Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Employee Relations, HR Software

HR is a notoriously admin and document-heavy sector. From payroll details and contact information to performance reviews and engagement surveys, the abundance of personal data is a lot for any HR team to manage – particularly when it’s mostly paper-based. But now, in the digital age, technology drives departments. File cabinets have been transformed into cloud storage and physical manpower has been exchanged for automation. However whilst other departments have transitioned, HR has struggled to overhaul its system and processes due to its intrinsic link to the paper world. Even now that the HR technology market is booming and more…

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