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The need for flexible working in the face of a childcare crisis

The need for Flexible Working in the face of a Childcare Crisis

By Employee Benefits, Employee Wellbeing

The challenges facing all workers – and their employers, for that matter – at the moment are well documented. Businesses and the people within them are at the mercy of soaring costs from all angles, while wages are largely failing to keep up. Services throughout the country are under increased pressure, and one such service that is the source of a growing headache for HR is childcare. Nearly 400 nurseries have closed in England alone since August 2020 according education regulator Ofsted, down from 27,610. According to the Early Years Alliance, 86% of early years providers say that the funding…

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What company perks do employees look for in 2022?

What company perks do employees look for in 2022?

By Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employee Management

Right now, the job marketplace is highly competitive. In fact, job vacancies in the UK reached record highs this year, with nearly 1.3 million openings available in the first quarter of 2022. And thanks to the pandemic shifting the way people view work; prospective employees are clear about what they want from an organisation. Fair pay is still most important and the driving factor for recruitment – particularly as the cost-of-living continues to rise – however flexible working has become just as crucial to retaining and hiring new staff. But what else do employees value in 2022? What are the…

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unlimited holiday policy

6 pros and cons of an unlimited holiday policy

By Employee Benefits, Holiday Pro-Rata

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you’re probably aware of a new holiday policy that companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Virgin are introducing, where employees get unlimited holiday entitlement. The idea is that the organisation trusts each employee to manage their own leave requests and to take as much or as little as they want, when they want it. No tracking, no allocated days, just take a holiday when you want to. It may sound like a joke… but it isn’t. Could this new idea really be introduced into every organisation? Would…

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Annual Leave – 5 Ways to Manage Summer Holiday Requests

By Absence Management, Employee Benefits

The big issue of annual leave requests in the Summer. The summer is finally here, British Summer Time has already begun, and schools and colleges across the country are now on the countdown until the big summer break. That’s great if you work in the academic sector and have an academic calendar, but what about the thousands (if not millions) of businesses who don’t? Annual leave requests for July and August (other than Christmas) significantly increase. Parents juggling childcare are usually first to hand in their requests with many colleagues soon following – simply because it’s summer! So how do…

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NB Employee Benefits

How to Benchmark Employee Benefits

By Employee Benefits

Your boss has set you the task of reviewing your organisation’s employee benefits package and benchmarking it externally to see how you compare against the market. If you haven’t undertaken an exercise like this before it might seem a little daunting, but in this post, I am going to share a few ideas on how you can obtain some external data for use in benefits benchmarking. What is Employee Benchmarking? Employee benchmarking is the process of setting standards and expectations for an employee’s work.  These benchmarks are then often used during performance evaluations, pay reviews and can be used to…

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