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Performance Management Software

Make performance management less of an admin headache and create custom performance appraisal forms that meet your needs, automate distribution and send out timely reminders.

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Performance Management and Appraisal Software

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Simple performance appraisal software

Efficiently improve employee performance

Understand precisely how to help your people to improve performance. Compare and track trends in performance by individual, department and across the entire company.

  • Set goals for your employees and follow their progress
  • Identify high-performing employees and explore ways to help underperformers improve
  • Create performance reviews, request peer reviews, schedule meetings and send automatic reminders for your team

Boost employee engagement

Make it easy for your employees to give feedback

Deliver a platform that enables your employees to give fast feedback, provide reviews of their peers and track their attainment of goals.

  • Allow employees to track their progress against pre-defined goals and monitor their own performance improvements
  • Send 360 feedback requests to an employee’s colleagues to gauge performance and empower them to do the same for their peers
  • Make it easy for employees to provide and receive real-time recognition, feedback and social praise
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Track performance trends

Create company performance reports effortlessly

Beautiful reports that allow you to track performance across departments, teams, managers and locations with ease so you can identify any issues, make improvements and even prevent future performance issues from arising.

  • Report on all performance management data and identify key trends in your people
  • Give your managers an easy way to monitor goal progress, review notes and schedule performance reviews with their team
  • Use the 9-box grid methodology to assess the current performance and potential of your employees

Monitor employee performance

01. Track employee performance

Track performance throughout an employee’s lifecycle, monitor progress and follow their development at your company.

Identify high performers

02. Boost employee performance

Gain instant insight into performance of your employees, allow them to provide and receive feedback, identify training needs and craft plans to improve motivation and engagement.

Improve employee performance

03. Identify any weaknesses

Identify any underperforming employees and make plans for improvement with additional training or support to help them feel more valued.

Performance Management & Appraisal FAQs

What is performance management?

Performance management is a management process that helps managers monitor and evaluate employees’ work within a business. The goal of performance management is to create an environment where people can perform to the best of their abilities and produce the highest-quality work most efficiently and effectively.

How often should you conduct a performance review?

There is no one answer fits all, but it is typical for most companies to offer performance reviews every six months. However, for new starts, who are on probation, it is typical to conduct a performance review within the first three months and again at the six month period.

How should HR teams manage capability issues?

To deal with a capability issue, you should give the employee the chance to get better and to stop any further problems from arising. Common solutions to this issue include offering support, for example making changes to their work or arranging counselling sessions or training them to help them do their job better.

Why is performance management important?

Performance Management helps you track your employees’ performance and tells you whether or not they need extra support, can handle higher-level training or deserve a raise, among other elements. It is important to have a structured Performance Management and tracking process to maintain a high standard for your organisation and ensure that fairness is there for all staff members.

What are the key components of performance management?

A great employee performance management process will build on 5 stages, that being:

  • Planning work and setting expectations
  • Continually monitoring performance
  • Developing the capacity to perform
  • Periodically rating performance in a summary fashion
  • Rewarding good performance

What is vendor performance management?

It’s not just staff that need reviews. Supplier performance management is used to measure, analyse, and manage a supplier’s performance to cut costs, alleviate risks, and drive continuous improvement.

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