Meet Our Staff

From repairing medical equipment to organizing our Sunday Evening Celebrations, Bridge’s isolation-ending work is carried out by our dedicated staff team.

Scroll down to learn more about the people who make our work possible, or use the links below to see staff bios for a particular ministry. Interested in joining our work? Take a look at our volunteer opportunities or learn more about joining the Bridge Team.


Brenne Schario

Executive Director

A proven community leader with over two decades of successful organizational development experience, Brenne brings a deep love for our friends with disabilities to her role. Her career is marked by a lifelong passion for education and helping communities achieve a common goal. On staff since 2014.

Randy Adamson

Operations Lead

Randy grew up in Kansas but has lived near Seattle most of his life. He is a retired CPA with over 40 years of business experience in several different industries. Wearing many hats, Randy focuses primarily on operations of Meyer Medical Equipment Center but also the overall Bridge organization. He is anxious to live into Jeremiah 29:11 to find out just what God’s next plans are for him. On staff since 2023.

Gaby Korwin

Office Assistant

Gaby, who was born in Canada and grew up in Kansas before moving to the Seattle area, has a background in computer work, data entry, and organizational tasks. A detail-oriented and focused individual, she brings her commitment to excellence and efficiency, along with her delightful sense of humor, to the Bridge Ministries team. On staff since 2018.


Gaby Tristan

Accounting Manager

Originally from Mexico, Gaby has many years of experience as an auditor, bookkeeper, and receptionist. Her inspiration in life is Colossians 3:23: “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” On staff since 2015.

Sigrid Laegreid

Front Desk and Development Assistant

Sigrid joined the Bridge administrative team after retiring from a 33-year-long career at Nordstrom. She has a special passion for people living with disabilities, having become a quadriplegic in 1991 after being run over by a drunk driver. Sigrid served on the Board at Bridge for five years and believes that you are not defined by your disability, only your attitude towards it. She hopes to help others and their families realize the true possibilities available to people with disabilities. On staff since 2019.


Kris Hollaway

MMEC Technician

An Issaquah-area resident of over 20 years, Kris retired from the VA after 38 years of providing rehabilitation services to severely disabled veterans. Now a member of the Bridge’s Meyer Medical Equipment Center team, he uses his skills to help others to improve their quality of life by providing the support needed for people with disabilities to remain active and navigate their homes and communities. On staff since 2017.

Matthias Angst

MMEC Technician

Matthias was born and raised in Washington State. He is a recent graduate from Bellevue College and enjoys working with his hands. Matthias began at Bridge as an intern in the Meyer Medical Equipment Center refurbishing the donated medical equipment and we are happy he has now joined us as a staff member. On staff since 2020.

Darren Redmon

MMEC Manager

On staff since 2022.


Michelle Ewert

Guardianship Agency Director

An experienced advocate of over 18 years, Michelle obtained her guardianship certification in 2004.  She worked with 2 agencies and had her own private practice before joining Bridge in 2015. She rejoined our guardianship team after a year-long hiatus, where she brings her compassion and experience to her work advocating for our guardianship clients. Back on staff since 2020.

Donna Fisher

Guardianship Agency Finance Director

A Seattle-area resident of nearly 25 years, Donna brings her experience in both administration and software development to her role on the Bridge Guardianship team. Her desire to serve our community makes her a valued member of our staff. On staff since 2017.

Zoe Cornell

Certified Professional Guardian and Conservator

With a background in social work, Zoe has spent years at different local nonprofits serving a diverse range of vulnerable populations. She finds her strength by empowering and advocating for others, and is excited to continue this work at Bridge through Guardianship team. On staff since 2021.

Ron Howard

Financial Analyst and Systems Technical Lead

Ron was born and raised in Oregon and has lived in the Seattle area for more than 15 years. With a professional background in the software industry as a developer and manager of product engineering teams, he now supports Guardianship finances and company technology. On staff since 2019.


Jackie Kieszek

Spiritual Connections Director

Jackie has served as an Administrative Assistant to business leaders and treasurer on the board of a nonprofit. She used her organizational skills and interest in supporting community leaders in her position as Bridge’s Administrative Support Supervisor before bringing her effervescent personality and passion for serving those in need to her role as leader of our Spiritual Connections Program. On staff since 2017.

Anna Dickman

Spiritual Connections Assistant

Anna grew up in Bothell, Washington and attended Seattle Pacific University where she studied Visual Communications and French language. Anna has many years of experience caring for people of varying abilities which have made her passionate about furthering God’s Kingdom through accessible fellowship. Anna joins the Spiritual Connections team where she hopes to encourage congregations to embrace the disabled community within their walls and to reach out to the greater community. On staff since 2021.

Join Our Team

Whether your dream job involves working with your hands in a warehouse, putting your organizational and interpersonal skills to use in an office, or connecting with others through ministry, everyone has a role to play in building a more welcoming, accessible world.

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Meet Our Board

Dan Coppin

Chairperson / Treasurer 

I first connected with Bridge Ministries when I was asked to volunteer at a Sunday Celebration event at my church in 2003.  It wasn’t an auspicious beginning to my relationship with Bridge.  I felt awkward and challenged on how to relate to people who appeared so different from me.  But through that event, I became acquainted with three roommates served by Bridge Ministries who lived just two blocks from our church.  Our relationships blossomed, they became some of my closest friends, and eventually became members of our church.  Their joyous faith strengthened mine and I’ve come to recognize how alike our spiritual journeys are.  So when I was asked to join the Board of Directors at Bridge in 2006, I agreed and for the past 14 years have been blessed to work with the most amazing staff serving the most amazing people I have ever known.

Jere Meyer 

Vice Chairperson  

President of Professional Benefit Services, Inc. of Issaquah, WA. 

Rev. Mary Klug  


I have been interested in and worked in various disability ministries for much of my life.  During 1973 to 1980, I was a vocational counselor at a special education school in the Highline School District.  I desire all to understand the love and value God has for all people He has created.

While Pastor to Children and Families at Newport Covenant Church, I helped host several fellowship events for Bridge friends.  More recently, I have volunteered with the Friend to Friend program and joined the Board of Directors in late 2017.  I continue to encourage my church to learn and grow as a Beacon Church.

Patrick Hicks  


I have worked in Microsoft and the IT industry for the last 25 years.  Under a combination of nefarious deeds, yearning to give back to the community and the return to a more meaningful life with the Lord, I began volunteering at Bridge Disabilities Ministries in 2010, helping in the IT department before joining the board in 2012. My experience with the Bridge family over the last decade has shown me the compassion and miracles the Lord can provide, and at the end of the day… Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Paul Jeganathan 


I am restless to serve. During the past 50+ years, God has given me several opportunities to serve as a volunteer in churches, schools, hospitals, a homeless shelter, and various other organizations. Myself being a paraplegic due to polio, my passion of course is to volunteer at organizations that work for people with disabilities. Bridge Disability Ministries has given me such an opportunity.

In the early 90’s a church bulletin insertion introduced me to Bridge. I have been a visitor and supporter for a few years and sporadically volunteered since ~2006.  I joined Bridge board in 2008.

Natalie Higashiyama  


My volunteer work coincided with joining the board in Jan of 2015. My heaviest involvement has been in the area of spiritual connections, redefining leadership, refining vision and partnering with churches and faith communities to assist them in becoming places of belonging.

The comprehensive scope of Bridge compels me because it identifies physical, spiritual, legal and housing needs of adults with disabilities. In meeting the needs of a vulnerable population, the organization extols the personhood, dignity, and humanity of every individual. Its longevity in the non-profit sector reflects stability in leadership and sustainable practices that make serving on the board a deeply rewarding experience. In serving our community, we are actually creating communities of belonging, increasing access and accommodation as well. I love being a part of a culture like Bridge that sees disability as a valid way of being human and fully alive to the possibilities of God!

Doug Thomas  


After a 31-year career in small package transportation I looked for opportunities to serve the Lord, and our community. I was involved with a few projects for various non-profits but unfortunately began to have heart troubles. In January of 2017 I suffered a cardiac arrest. There were a number of miracles that kept me alive that night and I survived thanks to the grace of God. The miracles didn’t stop there. Over the next three years I continued to survive a number of close calls. There were simply too many to be mere coincidences. Then in 2020 my heart began to fail and the doctors determined I could only live with a heart transplant. Again the Lord intervened and I am here by the grace of God. The Lord clearly has a plan for me for the remainder of my time on earth. Not knowing what his plan was, I was excited to be invited to join the Board at Bridge. I hope to use my talents and time to support the mission of Bridge Ministries.