Frequently Asked Questions


You don’t have the item I need right now, can you put me on a waitlist? 

Unfortunately, we’re not able to maintain waitlists. Please check our Available Equipment page regularly for updates on items we have on hand.  

Can I trade a piece of equipment I already have instead of making a cash donation? 

Each item that passes through our warehouse brings with it costs for cleaning, stocking, and refurbishing that piece of equipment. Cash donations are an important part of covering these costs, so we’re unable to trade items. Please note that our suggested donation amounts are suggestions only—no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.  

An item I got from the MMEC has broken, can you fix it? 

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to repair items that have passed through our warehouses, but you are welcome to place an order for another item to replace your broken one. 

I’m worried about sanitation; how do you clean your equipment? 

Every piece of equipment that enters our warehouse is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before being made available to visitors. We use a HUBSCRUB, a machine used in hospitals and nursing home to sterilize equipment between users, to clean small- to medium-sized items that don’t have electrical components. Equipment that cannot go into the HUBSCRUB are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by hand. 


You say you repair equipment before distributing it, but that you cannot accept items that require major repairs; how do I know if my item is too broken to donate?

Good question! In most cases, our workshop can handle items that have all their parts, but need to have screws tightened, brakes adjusted, or other minor repairs. Equipment with missing or broken parts, significant rust or mildew, or nonfunctioning electrical or motorized components are beyond our ability to repair. When in doubt, please call or email us with your questions.  

Can I have a receipt for tax purposes? 

Yes, the MMEC can provide a receipt for your donation, but we are unable to provide valuation for donated items.  

I have a lot of items to donate, can you pick them up? 

Occasionally, we can pick up large lots of equipment, resources permitting. Please call or email to inquire about donation pickup.  

My church/organization is interested in supporting your work. How can we help? 

There are several ways for churches, clubs, and other social groups to support the MMEC: 

  1. Hold an equipment drive – Equipment drives help us recharge our inventory quickly while providing community-building opportunities for our partner organizations.  
  1. Volunteer  We rely on volunteers to help us clean, refurbish, and stock items in our Bellevue and Tukwila warehouses.  
  1. Make a financial contributions  Financial contributions from churches, community groups, and individuals alike make it possible for us to provide quality medical equipment to all comers, without required fees.  

Please call or email us to discuss how your organization can help put medical equipment into the hands of those in need. We look forward to partnering with you.