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Employee Engagement

Give your team a voice with intuitive engagement surveys and gather feedback to gain actionable data based on your employees’ morale.

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Drive internal change

Improve employee engagement at all levels

Allow your employees to share their views, managers can request feedback and capture powerful insights into your team.

  • Build and schedule employee engagement surveys to elicit feedback from staff throughout the year
  • Check team sentiment using the employee pulse that monitors their happiness and satisfaction
  • Effortlessly collect and process feedback on important events such as onboarding, training and promotions

Deliver actionable data to your managers

Gain real-time insights

Provide your managers with real-time, actionable insights into their team’s satisfaction and empower them to make changes before engagement levels become problematic.

  • Give your employees a platform to provide anonymous feedback
  • Identify teams, departments and locations with lower than average engagement levels
  • Recognise high-performing employees and promote success
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Deliver actionable data to your managers

Track employee engagement

The integrated employee engagement tools in Natural HR allow you to track employee engagement over time and identify areas for improvement.

  • Understand engagement trends by team, department or location
  • Conduct regular employee pulse surveys to gauge job satisfaction
  • Evaluate the impact of your engagement initiatives among employees

Understand your workforce

01. Set your team up for success

Use powerful people insights to understand employee engagement and devise initiatives to allow your team to thrive.

Drive positive change

02. Increase insight into employee engagement

Gather relevant insight into employee sentiment and use this to inform your decisions in real-time and monitor trends in satisfaction, happiness and much more.

Empower your employees

03. Give your employees a voice

With a platform to provide formal and informal feedback, employees feel empowered, listened to and respected in your business.

Employee Engagement FAQs

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a workplace concept that describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker (employee) feels toward their job and the business. This ensures that they are aligned to your companies goals, objectives and values, and want to work with you towards them.

How does HR play a role in employee engagement?

Recent reports showed that only 1 in 10 (11%) of UK employees feel engaged at work, so it’s clear why HR has a pivotal role in employee engagement and on all levels.

HR will typically make learning accessible and relevant to equipping stakeholders with the right resources, supporting education in the workplace, minimising barriers, developing a communication strategy to win hearts and minds, and celebrating company-wide success.

How does HR software integrate with employee engagement?

HR software that supports your company in developing your engagement with your staff will support features like improved communication, on/off-boarding, learning and development, and employee surveys and pules, among other features.

What differentiates engaged and disengaged workers?

Engaged employees can be described as the staff engaged with their work and can be associated with phrases like ‘Selfless’, ‘Team-oriented’, and ‘Shows a passion for learning.’ They will be engaged in their work and show positive traits. In comparison, a disengaged worker, maybe displaying negative attitudes, could have a self-centred approach to work and a high absenteeism level. Compared to engaged workers, they may also not engage with work-related social events.

What is the impact of high employee engagement in the workplace?

Recent reports have shown that companies with an engaged workforce, compared to those without one, are 21% more profitable. They will also have 70% fewer safety incidents, 41% lower absenteeism and 17% higher productivity levels.

How can you measure employee engagement?

The most common way to measure engagement is using internal surveys. However, you can also implement other methods such as regular 1-on-1 meetings between staff and line managers or by implementing exit interviews as part of your off-boarding process.

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From an HR perspective, it has everything we need. Once we set up all of our processes, workflows and triggers onto Natural HR, we will really start to see the impact. The processes that we currently have in place on Natural HR are already saving us time.

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