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Automated Workflow Software

Automatic notifications and workflows that make the simplest of HR tasks a breeze.

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Online Workflow Management System for HR

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Time-saving automated workflows

Automate your most common HR tasks and workflows

Save valuable time with custom workflows that automate the most repetitive of HR administrative tasks from authorising time off and approving timesheets to concluding interviews and on-boarding new starters.

  • Choose from our extensive database of pre-defined workflows that automate tasks such as approving time off, training, expenses, mileage and timesheets
  • Create custom automated workflows that effectively manage the most common HR tasks in your business
  • Remind staff of important dates, assign tasks to employees when certain conditions are met and automate your approval process

Service employee needs

Streamline repetitive people admin

Create automated workflows to effectively manage repetitive HR tasks and processes; reducing the amount of time you spend on admin and focus on the higher-level HR tasks and key projects that can’t be automated.

  • Efficiently manage repetitive HR processes such as on and off-boarding, performance reviews and candidate management
  • Replace paper-based processes with automated requests, forms, notifications and tasks
  • Ensure information on approvals is captured accurately, with complete traceability of what has been approved and when
Workflow Management
hr workflows automation

Oversee workflows

Check workflow progress with ease

Keep track of which workflows have been completed and which have tasks outstanding, set up reminders and notify those involved to complete the required activity.

  • Keep track of all workflows that are in progress or yet to be completed
  • Drive accountability and ensure those involved in your HR processes know exactly which tasks they are responsible for and by when
  • Get real-time visibility to the status of each workflow

Save valuable HR time

01. Focus on more important tasks

Automate the most repetitive of HR admin and focus on more pressing, strategic tasks that make a big difference in your company.

Simple workflow builder

02. Design business-critical workflows

Create workflows that automate tasks that matter most to your business and reassure your team that important processes will be completed on time.

Easy task management

03. Ensure key deadlines are met

Workflows ensure you and your employees are automatically notified of any important dates and deadlines such as the expiration of a document or a reminder for an employee’s annual review.

Workflows FAQs

What are HR workflows?

HR workflows are a set of tasks that are routinely performed as part of a HR process.  HR workflow management can speed up HR processes and improve the effectiveness of your HR team as they help your teams with any number of predictable and repetitive tasks within any HR process, from recruitment to performance management and onboarding to training and development.

It will help your HR team know exactly what path it should take when dealing with any number of everyday HR-related tasks, and with each HR workflow having its own approval rules, fulfilment tasks, and process alerts, it will support your business throughout the lifecycle of every single employee.

What's an example of a workflow automating a common HR task?

Let’s take a typical example of employee onboarding as a workflow example. By optimising onboarding, new hires can complete and sign their paperwork electronically. At the same time, the business can ensure the team member has the equipment they need and have completed all legal tasks, such as proof of right-to-work.

Workflow automation sends automated notifications to all stakeholders involved in the process to keep them informed at each step. Every step is processed accurately and consistently without stressing out the new hires and the HR team.

What are the benefits of using HR workflow software?

There are many benefits of using HR workflow software. You can save time by automating many of the daily, repetitive HR tasks, ensuring that you get it right the first time, every time, by reducing the risk of human error.

How do you write a workflow?

To write a workflow for your business you should complete the following steps:

  1. Identify your resources within your business
  2. List out the tasks that should be accomplished to finish that goal
  3. Find out who is accountable for each step and assign roles
  4. Create a workflow
  5. Test and refine the workflow you created
  6. Train your team on the new workflow
  7. Deploy the new workflow

What are some common workflows?

The most common workflows include on/off-boarding, requests and approvals, form management, and incident response. Other workflows include employee information management and exit checklists.

Who should be responsible for making workflows?

Ultimately, multiple parties including management, HR and line-managers should be involved in creating workflow.

What is a Workflow Checklist?

A workflow checklist is a list of actions that must be carried out to correctly complete a workflow, ensuring that key steps in the workflow aren’t forgotten.

Breyer Group

From an HR perspective, it has everything we need. Once we set up all of our processes, workflows and triggers onto Natural HR, we will really start to see the impact. The processes that we currently have in place on Natural HR are already saving us time.

Anne DyerHR Director