Spiritual Connections

Spiritual Connections focuses on the importance of relationships – both with individuals of all abilities as well as with area churches, organizations, and volunteers. 

The spiritual journey of every individual is never meant to be a solitary journey and it is our commitment to come alongside others in relationships that fosters spiritual growth and emotional well-being. 

How can we do this?

By responding to the words written in the Book of Hebrews:  

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works” 

(Chapter 10, verse 24)

Bridging Hearts Care Package outreach with Matt Lorch of Q13 Fox

This means we will work to motivate our friends with disabilities to use their gifts and talents to become involved with us in this journey. And we will work to motivate church communities, various organizations, and volunteers who can so richly contribute to these acts of love and good works as well. Everyone has something to give that can build another person up and we are committed to finding creative ways to make this happen.

We hold dear to our Christian roots and believe strongly in the hope that is given through Jesus Christ. We believe that God welcomes people of all abilities and walks of life to have fellowship with one another and worship together.

To learn more about the mission and purpose of Spiritual Connections, visit our Beacon Church Initiative and our Fellowship and Social Events pages. 

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