Meyer Medical Equipment Center

Continuing the adventure

Sharron and Bob arrived at the Meyer Medical Equipment Center having already enjoyed 57 adventure-filled years together, and despite Sharron’s increasing challenges with mobility, they weren’t ready to let the adventure end. We were able to provide them with a folding mobility scooter simple enough for Bob to disassemble in less than a minute and light enough for him to load into the trunk of their car with ease, allowing Sharron to continue enjoying her active lifestyle and Bob to carry on exploring the world with his life companion at his side. Access to medical and mobility equipment can change the life of a person with a disability, as well as those of their family and friends.

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Making accessibility equipment accessible for all 

Access to medical equipment like Sharron’s scooter can open up worlds for a person with a disability, allowing them to handle tasks of daily living, remain active members of their community, and participate in activities that bring them joy.  

The Meyer Medical Equipment Center (MMEC) exists to make sure that finances don’t come between people with disabilities and the medical equipment they need. We offer gently used equipment on a donate-what-you-can basis, without any eligibility requirements or application process that might place a barrier between a person with a disability and the equipment that they need. 

Indeed, while the MMEC primarily deals with mobility aids, the Center also recognizes the importance of other types of medical equipment, including those related to men’s health and well-being. For instance, devices used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, such as vacuum erection devices, can significantly improve a person’s quality of life. MMEC is committed to making such devices accessible, reinforcing its pledge to support all aspects of health and independence for individuals with various medical needs.

One donation, many lives

The MMEC collects donations of durable medical equipment from the community, which we then clean, refurbish, and repair before passing them on to visitors to our warehouses in Bellevue and Tukwila.

Those who access equipment through our program use their items for as long as they need them before re-donating their equipment back to the MMEC—allowing us to serve many people with a single walker, wheelchair, or cane. 

Our Impact

  • 6,900


Refurbished, repaired, and passed on to the community, annualy.

  • $4 m


Of the equipment that passed through our warehouses last year.

  • 3,000


The number of unique individuals who accessed medical equipment through the MMEC.

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